Health mistakes you didn’t know you’re making

Everyone knows that certain habits and lifestyle choices, like eating fast food and smoking, are seriously bad for your health. However, there are probably many habits you don’t give much thought to, but that eventually impact your health. The good news is that it’s not too late to change this.

You’re not hydrating enough

It’s recommended to drink eight glasses of fluids a day. It’s also important to take into account several external factors, including exercise, climate, and intake of sodium, and other dehydrating foods and beverages.

You’re skipping meals

Skipping meals can alter the metabolic process, leading to insulin resistance, a precursor of diabetes known as prediabetes. It’s better to eat smaller meals throughout the day instead of skipping meals.

You’re cleaning wounds with hydrogen peroxide

Using hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol to clean cuts and scrapes can be irritating to the skin, delay healing, and harm the tissue. Instead, clean a wound by running it under water for three to five minutes, it will get rid of debris and bacteria.

You’re eating “health foods” with added sugar

If you’re eating something healthy, like yogurt, but with added sugar, you might end up with a nutritional deficit. In the case of yogurt, which has a great source of probiotics, the added sugar can negate the benefits of the probiotics.

You’re applying heat to an injury

Applying heat to an injury actually promotes an increase in inflammation. It’s better to ice injuries immediately to prevent further damage.

Health mistakes