Best Places to Eat and Drink in Rome for Couples

From the St. Peter’s Basilica and Spanish Steps to the Colosseum and Trevi Fountain, Rome attracts thousands of tourists every year. But its appeal doesn’t stop at monuments and museums. Food is also a reason why the Eternal City is well worth visiting.

Besides its simplicity, Rome has a rich culinary tradition that makes it truly the best destination for couples in Europe. Whether you’re guests or live in the city, the following spots serve the best food and drinks.

1. Zia

The restaurant’s staff from waiters to owner Antonio Ziantoni exudes passion and professionalism. Despite his youthfulness, Ziantoni has experience in fine dining, having worked with top chefs like Gordon Ramsey and Anthony Genovese. When it comes to the menu, Zia attracts customers seeking quality and creativity. The best part is the sumptuous meals won’t dent your wallet. The restaurant also offers a broad wine selection.

Another selling point is its location. At the center of Trastevere, this place is an escape from the capital’s chaos. Talk about colorful buildings, cobblestone streets, and balconies lined with ivy and geraniums. Moreover, you can stroll to the Tiber after lunch or explore the Vatican. With Italian finishes and a cool crowd, Zia becomes a perfect destination for honeymoon couples. It allows an intimate space for first meetings after talking on the best dating sites review.

2. Forno Campo de ‘Fiori

You haven’t experienced Rome as the best destination for a couple until you visit Forno Campo de ‘Fiori, every pizza lover’s dream. Juicy, crispy, chewy; you name it, each bite packs different sensations. Because you can see workers preparing the pizza, you’re sure of a hot and fresh slice. But the bakery’s menu isn’t limited to pizzas: it also sells donuts, sandwiches, bread, and sweets.

Since meals are relatively cheap, this restaurant is the best destination for couples on a budget. Employees are also friendly and don’t mind cutting the pizza into manageable pieces. Though the bakery lacks sitting space, you can grab drinks and find a spot near Campo de ‘Fiori. Again, arrive in the morning before they run out of pizza.

3. Babette

This spot is conveniently situated at the heart of Rome on Via Margutta. The first thing you notice when you reach Babette is its friendly staff. Apart from a warm welcome, waiters serve you with a smile. Irrespective of where you sit, in the dining room or country yard. you still enjoy a quiet atmosphere with your significant other. This atmosphere makes Babette a dream destination for couples.

Additionally, you’ll love the restaurant’s attention to detail if you’re keen on presentation. The good news is that the food is as tasty as it looks. Not forgetting the versatile menu. Whether you have breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Babette serves meals for different palates. Make reservations because the restaurant is busy during peak hours.

4. Bistrot64

Bordering Parco Della Musica and Maxxi Museum, this café is situated in the Flaminio district. As such, you can access it from Piazza del Popolo and the city center. This destination for couples also has a serene atmosphere. Besides the neighborhood’s contemporary architecture, Bistrot 64 Boasts of a warm interior with wooden finishes and soft colors as well as lighting.

As for the menu, Chef Kotaro Noda merges Italian and Japanese cuisine to create magic. However, the main shtick is literally colorful dishes. Don’t be surprised by purple potatoes or blue risotto. Another reason why Bistrot64 is a favorite destination for couples is its team that prioritizes customer satisfaction.

5. Barred

This one is the brainchild of brothers Mirko and Tiziano. The meal selection may be small, but Barred features mouth-watering delicacies like meat, artichokes, sautéed spinach, and pasta. Furthermore, the management takes time to walk you through the menu and even suggest wines to go with particular dishes.

Although the restaurant admits few patrons, you can sit at one of the tables or the bar. The joint’s alternative playlist and hipster aesthetics also let you talk to your date without struggling. Best of all, Barred belongs to cheap holiday destinations for couples; all meals are affordable.


Local food features prominently in your memories when you travel. However, culinary experiences aren’t just about eating and drinking. First, the restaurant should offer value for money. Though extremely low prices raise eyebrows over food quality, meals shouldn’t feel like a rip-off. Also, the restaurant may have a broad menu, but too many dishes signal industrial-style production. In addition to online reviews, ask hotel receptionists, taxi drivers, and locals to recommend eateries. Do you know other restaurants that make Romea perfect destination for a honeymoon couple? Share your dining experiences in the comments section below.


Top Restaurants for Couples in Rome