Fashion Hacks For Men: How To Wear An Ugly Christmas Sweater Without Looking Ridiculous

It’s December and do you know what that means? It’s the most wonderful time of the year – and to break your fashion rules and wear an ugly, overly vibrant holiday knitwear.

Imagine: you’re a stylish gent with minimalist clothing style. You’re looking forward to ace the style game this Christmas, only to be forced to wear a vivid red knit sweater with reindeer, snowman, Santa Claus, ugly texts, and busy patterns for your corporate party.

Worry not – it’s possible to look great while rocking a not-so-favorable sweater. Whether it’s a gift from your precious grandma (who will be sad if you ignore her gift) or it’s a tradition with some questionable origins, here are 7 ways to pull off the ugly sweater dress code.

1. Embrace your ugly Christmas sweater

Don’t be that guy who shows up awkwardly in an ugly sweater, looking embarrassed of his. Instead, own it and wear the novelty look confidently.

Have fun with your sweater choice. If the sweater isn’t a gift but a piece of clothing you’re forced to buy for the occasion, then pick one with lots of festive colors, cute characters, and even some pun-filled verbiage. Go crazy.

2. Dress down with denim or solid-colored chinos

When your top is, well, over the top, then it’s best to keep your pair of pants on the simpler side. Denim jeans are your safest bet.

If you want to take your outfit up a notch, go for some neutral, contrasting trousers. If your sweater is on the darker or more vivid spectrum, go for light-colored trousers. If you’re wearing a sweater of a lighter shade, pick a darker or a more vibrant pair of pants.

3. Add a button-down shirt

This is another trick to boost the style factor while protecting you from the uncomfy scratchiness of the sweater. Whether you’re wearing a pullover sweater, a knit cardigan, or vest, wearing a sheer button-down shirt with a collar underneath can make your get-up look more polished

You may go for a plaid shirt for a Christmas-y vibe or pick a solid color that matches one of the accent colors in your sweater. Plus, it also adds an extra layer for warmth. You can even add a bow tie – no one’s gonna judge you.

4. Top it off with a scarf

Speaking about warmth, you can also pair your ugly pullover sweater with a good scarf. A scarf never fails to make you look stylish, whether you’re wearing your sweater as streetwear clothing, a casual work clothing, or a Christmas party attire.

5. Wear a blazer, like a grown-up man

Are you wearing an ugly Christmas sweater for an event at work? Perhaps your company is hosting a party where everyone is asked to wear an ugly sweater. Stand out from the pack by topping it off with a jacket or blazer. It will inject a bit of formality and structure to your quirky, less-than-desirable top.

6. Wear statement socks

For added yuletide cheer, wear a pair of festive socks. You can wear plaid socks, which are masculine yet are fit for the occasion, or go all out with stripes and quirky patterns like Santa Claus, snowman, reindeer, and Christmas tree.

7. Step up your footwear game
Skip your favorite sneakers and trainers – if you truly want to amp up your fashion-forward take on the ugly sweater party, pick some dressy pair of shoes. Opt for some dress brogues, oxfords, loafers, or double monk straps. A stylish pair of black or brown boots is also enough to take your Christmas outfit to the next level.

Fashion Hacks For Men

Author Bio: Carmina Natividad is a savvy writer for Northern Menswear, an online streetwear fashion website for men, delivering clothing and footwear products from top UK brands such as Unforgivable, Jameson Carter, Loyalti, Rose London, and Avora London. She loves sharing tips about fashion and lifestyle for trendy gents.