5 Step Skincare Routine to Follow at Night

One of the best times to pamper your skin is at night. As our skin cells regenerate in the evening, applying your favorite products at night can give you the ultimate results.

We have listed 5 step skincare routine you can follow at night to reboot your skin. Follow these 5 steps to get that active skin:

1. Remove make-up


One of the most crucial steps at night is to remove any make-up applied during the day. To clean all traces of make-up, use micellar water, which will remove make-up and also keep your skin hydrated.

2. Cleansing



Once you have removed the make-up, use a cleanser to remove excess dirt and sebum. Clean skin is a must before applying any product, as it will help to absorb it better.

3. Apply a toner


For a night-time skin-repairing action, don’t skip the toner. After cleansing, a toner will help to restore the skin’s pH balance and also enhance the skin texture.

4. Treat your skin


After the cleansing process, you can apply any precise cream and serum at this step. Tap in on the skin gently with your fingers.

5. Moisturise


To ensure that all the products and goodness remain intact, use a moisturizer with potent ingredients. It will help to lock in the serum and also keep your skin hydrated and soft.

5 Step Skincare Routine to Follow at Night

Source: timesofindia.indiatimes.com