5 Effective Ways to Protect Skin During the Winter Session

When cold weather arrives, humidity levels drop down. This cold weather, combined with dry skin and the fact that our oil-producing glands get sluggish in the winter session, can leave your normal healthy skin feeling dehydrated.

It becomes all the more sensitive which can ultimately lead to more serious skin conditions. So how you do take good care of your skin during winter? Here are some expert-recommended tips to protect your skin from letting it dry out.

1. Protect Skin from Water

You should try layering a cleansing oil over your skin before you step in for a bath. Let it soak in and wash it just before you get out of the shower.

Once you’re out, immediately layer your skin and body with a moisturizer when your skin is damp. This helps retain moisture and leaves the skin supple.

2. Layer up your Skincare

Just how you’d layer your winter clothes before you step out for the day, you need to do the same with your skin. Apply moisture-attracting serums to clean skin, facial oil, and follow it with a nourishing cream on top to seal the deal.

3. Extra care of your Eye Area and Lips

Your skin around your eyes and on your lips is thinner and has little to no oil glands to protect itself. Hence, using serums and oils around your eyes that soothe and protect the skin will help. On your lips, you can use occlusive balms that provide a barrier against the elements.

4. Natural Ingredients for Skincare

Any of your body and skin product that has fragrance in it will dry out your skin even more during the winter months. Hence, always switch your products for unscented and natural formulas to make the most of them.

5. Avoid harsh, alcohol-heavy cleansers

Invest in creams and balms for the winter months. You can double cleanse if your skin feels parched. Use water with the first cleanser and make sure the second one is a dry cleaner.