Can Video Gaming Really Help Solve World Problems?

Hasn’t technology being incorporated in every field of life? Even the most usual of daily life things have been blended with technology to make them easier, relaxing and fun. If you talk about gaming, technology has completely revolutionized it. Gone are the days when children loved board games and outdoor sports. Video gaming has the potential to make not only make children addicted but the adults too.

Video gaming has become one of the most popular activities on the internet for people from all generational groupings. No wonder, every household has a steady subscription to one of the high-speed ISP such as Spectrum Internet.

However, in this blog post, we are going to discuss an entirely different perspective of gaming. Recently, there has been a lot of research going on about how gaming can help solve world problems. Can video games make the gamers more aware of the issues in the real world? Can gaming really help us deal with the real-life problems? Let’s know it better.


Learning Skills

Parents and teachers are always concerned about the learning faculties of the children. If your child is not a good learner, it can become a serious problem for him and for you. While video gaming is considered an addiction and a time-waster, research suggests that it helps children to learn things quicker. If you look at the categories of video games, there are a lot of them. A couple of years ago, two professionals came up with the idea of games on climatic issues. These games helped children become aware of the widespread climatic issues.

Currently, a lot of new and interesting gaming genres have been introduced, in addition to the usual ‘fighting’ games. You can find games on hunting, problem-solving, adventure, cooking, and so many more. These different types of games are essentially making the children and adults more active and receptive learners.

Boosted Brain Power

You might feel concerned when you see your kid playing a video game. Because, he would seem to be really far from the actual, real world around him. He would be engrossed in the virtual world on the screen. This intense dedication to video games concerns many parents. But, here is the good news.

Research indicates that video games essentially boost brain activity and increase the on-spot analytical capabilities of the gamer. Their motor skills are improved. Gamers tend to analyze situations swiftly and this leads to making them, decisive individuals. Also, gaming helps them make their decisions on time and at the right time. These qualities are really helpful for any individual in real life.


Increased Collaboration

Generally, people love video gaming with multiplayer and double player features. Playing in groups essentially increase their ability to collaborate and work as a team. Collaboration is something that any individual would necessarily need in their real life. And that is true for their official career as well as their social life.


Reduced Stress

Who doesn’t suffer from stress in the contemporary world? The hectic modern lifestyles and tons of commitments make people stressed pretty often. They need a respite from work and some quality entertainment to rejuvenate their sore nerves to face another challenging day. Gaming essentially provides them the entertainment that they crave for. A study indicates that stressed people make better players than those with a relaxed mental state.

Research also indicates that a massive drop in stress has been observed in the stress level of people right after video gaming. Not only gamers feel relieved, but there is a vivid escalation in their mood within a matter of few minutes of video gaming.


To comprehensively answer the query that video games really can solve real-world problems, a formal research was conducted. The Center for Game Science at the University of Washington created a game called Foldit in 2008. This amazing game challenged the human minds to create and predict a protein’s structure.

The idea behind was to be able to find AIDs protein structure in monkeys and being able to devise a treatment. This interesting game solved the problem that was being delayed for 10 long years. The scientist couldn’t figure out the protein structure and right after 10 days of the release of this game, their protein structure was successfully predicted. The best video gamers of the world were able to do it.

After this huge success, game researchers really believe that even the messiest of real-world problems can be sorted out via gaming. The minds of the gamers are essentially sharpened with the intense complexity of the games, which they play. You give them the gravest of the real-world problems in the garb of a game and they will solve it for you! If you think you are a sharp gamer, get a subscription to one of the unlimited internet deals such as Spectrum bundles and offer your services for making the world a better place.

Can Video Gaming Solve World Problems?