Pooja, Kim Kardashian: Bum-chums?

We are all aware of Pooja Kim Kardashian‘s (latest) claim to fame not that there’s anything new to that – but the lady seems to want to doubly emphasize it for us.

Well, here’s a new angle (if you’ll forgive the pun) to the story and It just so happens that Pooja Missra too has posed in the buff.

In fact, Missra claims that she was the first one to do a recent cover campaign for an international magazine and that Kim is following in her footsteps with a similar pose.

What’s more, Missra adds that Kim Kardashian has also copied her front-to-back pose as well as the fluffy bun (excuse the pun – again)… ahem, we mean hairdo this time.

Coincidentally there are now rumors that Kim may also be roped in for Bigg Boss 8, which will turn out to be exactly what Pooja has already done in the past. If you look back (not literally), you’ll remember Pooja’s ‘Spare me’ dialogue which went viral. Kim, you naughty girl, what’s with the ‘repeat performances’? Or are we simply seeing ‘double’?