7 Lucky Plants For Bring Prosperity And Luck in 2019

Succulents and indoor plants gained huge popularity in 2018 and have made plants an integral part of the decor. Miniature bamboo shoots, mini cactus, and mini kitchen garden plants can be found in every living room or office desk. But did you know that there are a few Lucky Plants that can Bring Prosperity And Luck by sitting quietly and arguing a good fortune?

So, here’s a list of some plants and herbs considered lucky around the world; install them at your place to start 2019 with good fortune.

1. Peace Lily 

This dark green plant with gorgeous bright white flowers helps you prosper by improving the indoor air quality. Apart from looking beautiful, it also helps in preventing asthma, headaches, chronic illnesses, cancer and more. It can clean out formaldehyde, benzene and carbon monoxide from the ambient air, apart from other fumes like cigarette smoke, paint, furniture fumes etc.


2. Roses 

They are beautiful and adored the most. Roses are believed to attract love and luck. Moreover, different colors exude specific energies. For instance, white roses purify and heal, while a white rose with red markings symbolizes devotion and passion.

On the other hand, peach roses bring peace, spirituality, and friendship, lavender ones can be used to enhance spirituality in life, pink variants attract romance while red attract true love. Fuchsia roses are meant to express deep love and acceptance of your body -fat or slim, doesn’t matter.


3. Orchids  

Orchids are meant to attract love, deepen friendships and help soothe the soul. Ancient Greeks used to associate orchids with fertility and virility.


4. Cactus 

According to the Aztecs of central Mexico and the Chinese, a flowering cactus is auspicious. A blooming cactus flower symbolizes good luck and its owner can expect good news immediately. The blooming of the cactus flower symbolizes that good luck will be upon the owner or occupants of the home. Surprising, but true!


5. Jasmine 

Known as one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs, jasmine helps keep romance alive. It is believed to attract love, MONEY and prophetic dreams.


6. Tulsi 

It holds both mythological and religious significance for Hindus. Believed to be Lord Krishna’s wife, it’s considered pure and holy, and also has medicinal properties. Supposed to ward off negative energy from your home, it is also credited with helping people achieve financial success. And, if you grow your own basil and use it to flavor your food, it is said to awaken passion in anyone who eats it. Want to give it a try?


7. Money Plant 

Often used in Feng Shui, a money plant is said to produce a positive energy flow that attracts good luck and fortune. In China, the money plant is traditionally given as a New Year gift. But there’s a catch: The plant’s shoot must always point upward for it to bring you wealth.

Lucky Plants For Luck in 2019