Hollywood’s Not So ‘Photoshop’ Friendly Stars

It’s a love-hate relationship between actors and Photoshop. But there are few who outright oppose it and here are those who like it real…


Kiera Knightly

It was in 2004 when Keira Knightly had her first unpleasant brush with Photoshop when her picture was altered in the poster of King Arthur and not only did the studio come under fire, but the actress also have to face backlash from the media and her fans and since then Keira has voiced her displeasure about being ‘altered’ clear and Recently, Keira posed topless to show that she is ‘fine’ with her body image and that her ‘shape’ doesn’t really matter.

Kate Winslet

Kate has always been vocal about maintaining a healthy body image and admitted that she’s not crazy about being size zero and so it was obvious that she hit back at a popular fashion magazine that airbrushed her cover photo in 2003 to make her look thin. She shot back, “I do not look like that and more importantly I don’t desire to look like that.”


Jessica Simpson

Jessica has not only spoken openly against the brazen use of Photoshop, but she’s also started a campaign urging teens to embrace the “inner beauty” and let go of the “created” image of a perfect body and to prove her point, Jessica appeared sans make-up on a magazine cover in 2010 saying she “didn’t have anything to prove anymore.”

Lady Gaga

She might like to dress in the most bizarre ways, but she likes it natural and Lady Gaga spoke against her own cover photo in a magazine saying “I do not look like this…” She also hit back saying, “It’s fair to write about the change in your magazine but what I want to see is the change on your covers… When the covers change, that’s when culture changes.”


Beyonce Knowles

We love Beyonce just as she is, and so does she and in 2012, a leading clothing brand photo shopped Beyonce’s cover pictures to make her look much thinner And Beyonce was “furious” to see her altered pics. To make her stand clear, she made the company use original pictures of the photo shoot and Now that’s promoting a healthy body image! Jennifer Lawrence.


Jennifer Lawrence

Her face off with photo shopping came as a big surprise to Jennifer her cover picture in a leading magazine looked totally airbrushed and she openly accepted to the pic being “photo shopped.” She appealed to stop body shamming saying that retouching is different and changing body measurements to fit the ‘perfect body image’ different.