Fix Your Brow Problems With These 5 Pro Eyebrow Shaping Methods That Work

“Eyebrows on fleek” is the latest obsession in the name of beauty. Your eyebrows frame and bring out the beauty of your eyes. They can make or break your look, that’s why it’s essential to have them groomed, shaped, and properly filled in.

Aside from DIY eyebrow grooming kits and makeup, you may also seek professional eyebrow shaping services to make sure you get your best brows. The question is, how will you decide which eyebrow service is right for your face and brow shape, hair and skin type, schedule, and budget?

From your classic hair removal treatments to professional brow filling and enhancing procedures, here are 5 modern eyebrow shaping treatments you need to know about.

1. Eyebrow Threading/ Tweezing + Trimming

Let’s start with a classic technique for removing hair and taming unruly brows: tweezing and trimming. It’s simple, non-invasive, and is for everyone. When you pluck and trim your hairs one by one, you don’t run the risk of getting rid of too much hair. No chance of burning, stretching and damaging the skin too.

Don’t trust yourself with some tweezers and a pair of scissors? It’s best to go to a professional for your brow-shaping session.

Your aesthetician may perform eyebrow threading, an ancient hair removal technique. The method includes securing unwanted hairs in the thread and lifting them from the follicle with finesse and precision.

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2. Eyebrow Waxing

Waxing is hair removal and eyebrow shaping method that’s faster and easier than tweezing or threading. It involves applying a thin layer of hot wax over the area of unwanted brow hairs. A strip of fabric is placed over the hot wax and then pulled off as quickly as possible to remove the hair underneath.

Properly waxed brows accentuate the eyes and limit the chances of getting an ingrown hair. It works best if you’re going for a strong, sculpted arch. 

Now, let’s talk about the downsides. Firstly, it’s not for people with extremely sensitive skin. Wax could include resins, carcinogenic paragons, dyes, and artificial fragrances which could lead to burns and skin irritation. Secondly, it’s not for those who are delicate to pain. Lastly, it’s not for those with sunburned skin, ingrown hairs, cuts, or blemishes.

If you’ve never been waxed before, or you have unsteady hands, it’s best to get them done in a salon to prevent accidents and noticeable mistakes.

3. Eyebrow tinting

If your main goal is NOT to remove brow hair or alter your brow shape, but to make them appear fuller, eyebrow tinting is one attractive option.

Tinting works best for people with fine, sparse or transparent hair, who are sick of filling them in with makeup every day. The results are only temporary, which could last for a few months.

Eyebrow tinting, however, isn’t safe for everyone. It should only be left to the pros. Brow experts will apply semi-permanent vegetable dye to your brow hairs, giving them more dimension. When not done properly, this procedure may lead to skin and eye infections, and allergy reactions to the chemicals used.

4. Microblading

Microblading is another brow filling technique for women with thin, sparse, or patchy eyebrows. Like tattooing, this eyebrow shaping service is perfect for fully reconstructing, defining, or filling in over-plucked eyebrows, and covering gaps.

The microblading process involves inserting pigment into the upper layers of the skin to help modify your brow shape or make them look thicker. Experts use a special small blade (microblading pen) to cut tiny hair-like lines one by one along the brow area, before applying tint over the incisions.

The two-hour procedure may sound a bit painful, but you might be relieved to know that a numbing solution is applied beforehand.

It requires about 4-6 weeks to fully heal. Then, a touch-up may be needed. The results last up to 12-18 months, and the pigment often fades after that time.

5. Eyebrow Extensions

Yes, your brow hairs, like your eyelashes, can be extended too.

Eyebrow extensions are perfect for those interested in fuller, yet natural-looking pair of brows. If you prefer a shape and style different from your natural brows, you may achieve them with extensions.  A higher arch, a longer tail, or some more (or less) curve – name it – this new brow-filling trend is here for you.

Unlike microblading, brow extensions are less invasive. You won’t have to deal with any pain or redness.

There’s only one important condition: for the extensions to be affixed effectively, you still need to have some eyebrow hair. The process takes about an hour. Brow technicians use a surgical-grade adhesive to attach the extensions to your natural brow hairs one by one.

Like eyelash extensions, the challenge with this treatment is it’s high-maintenance. It’s not for sweaty peeps, and you need to use a specially designed cleanser for your brows. You may also need to refill them. Experts recommend going in every two weeks to keep them looking full and fresh.

 Brow Problems: 5 Pro Eyebrow Shaping Treatments