5 Beauty Tips to make the skin around the eyes look youthful

The skin around the eyes is the most delicate area on the face. Without proper skincare routine, you can trigger early skins of aging like dark circles, fine lines and crow’s feet. To slow down the process of ageing, indulge in good beauty habits and follow our guide and give your skin some TLC:

1. Avoid rubbing eyes consciously. Rubbing can lead to the formation of wrinkles and fine lines. Also, be gentle while cleansing and removing make-up.

2. Sun protection is very important for your skin. Apply sunscreen 10 to 15 minutes before heading out. You can opt for SPF with zinc oxide which won’t irritate the eyes.

3. Limit your salt intake. Eat more celery, collard greens, asparagus, and bananas, which can help to combat under-eye circles. Get plenty of antioxidants, which can reduce inflammation and puffiness, and support supple and healthy skin.

4. To avoid puffy eyes, one should avoid too much caffeine, sugar, fried food, and sugar.

5. Indulge in a good skincare habit of moisturizing the skin around your eyes in the morning and before sleeping.