How to Sell a Accidental or Damaged Car for a High Price

It is quite difficult to find a potential buyer when you are having a damaged or accidental car. The worst mistake always done by the owners while selling a car is not letting the buyers know all of the defects of the car before they come to see in person. Selling an accidental or damaged car may be a daunting task but it can be done so easily if you take every step with care. However, you can sell a damaged car to Crazy Car Corner – no matter what condition your damaged car is in. Amazing?

Just for your convenience, we have come up with a step-by-step guide to help you along the way. So, without beating about the bush any further, let’s have a look!

Assess the Damage

The first and foremost step you are required to be done with is, assess the damage on the car. Make a good estimate if possible to determine how much it will set you back to repair your car so that it is in proper working order.

However, if an actual cost of repair is greater than the value of your car, you’ll be needing to lower your price substantially then. It is recommended that get a mechanic to inspect who will give you a full-fledged report on a condition of a car overall and also on a condition of so many systems in the car.

It is too important for you to know whether definite parts are still functioning properly – as it will influence how you market your car later on.

Get Your Car Repaired

In order to make a little bit more money off your damaged and accidental car, make sure you have repaired the damaged area or other affected parts before selling it to anyone. Your car should also be repaired in case you are planning to sell your car in an individual sale, as it is functional and safe.

Most of the times, repairing cost of the car approx. the same as the added value of the car. Therefore, you should determine if this is the case for you and whether or not it is worth your time to repair your car.

Once your car is repaired and you are absolutely ready to sell it, don’t hide that and must notify any potential buyer about the car’s previous states as an obsolete vehicle.

Sell the Car to a Salvage Lot

The perfect options for most of the people with an accidental or severely damaged car are to sell them out “As Is” to a salvage lot. Perhaps you are not very well familiar with salvage lot, right? The salvage lots are car lots where all kind of vehicles for sale have been believed irreparable by their previous owners.

All vehicles bought by salvage lot do not operate properly and can’t be driven off the lot. But, these are still useful for both spare parts which still work and in case all else fails, can be used as scrap metal.

Be mindful that there is one downside while selling your car to salvage lot that is you are unlikely to get a very good price for your car except for a vast amount of good components in the car which are still operable and so easy to sell as spare parts.

Sell Parts Separately

The 3rd and easiest way of getting rid of an accidental and damaged car is to strip out any usable and useful parts to the car and sell them separately. If several components of your car are still in excellent condition, sell these components without a further ado to make a handsome amount of your money.

Begin that process by offering these components to a salvage yard but if you are confused that you can earn a bunch of bucks more from elsewhere, offer them for sale to private buyers.

The best way to do that is to take out the listing in your local newspaper classified ads and post those components on eBay or other biggest online website. However, if any part remains or is unusable, you can sell for scrap metal.

Tip: Make your estimate before a buyer comes to look at your car so that he/she can evaluate the cost of your damage based on a professional’s opinion.

Warning: Don’t lie and never sell a damaged or accidental car to any buyer without explaining everything. That could be a fraud and could potentially injure or kill some while driving the car without knowing the defects.

Aside from everything for a second or two, there is an extensive amount of companies and platforms you can Sell car to dealer without trade in at, for a high price. And if you are looking for fastest and easiest way to sell your car, look no further then, as Crazy Car Corner has got you covered.

Sell Damaged Car for a High Price