Bigg Boss 8 Gautam, Upen burst out on Sonali Raut

After their clash in the Weekend Ka Vaar episode, Upen and Sonali, who grew close off late continue to fight.

Upen has started believing that Sonali is very selfish as she pleaded Nigaar to get away from being nominated.

Sonali tried her best to convince Upen and even broke down doing so, but Upen didn’t care.

In the morning Upen finds his personal rack all ruined as all the items are spread all over the place and he is unable to find his comb.

Thinking that this is Sonali’s prank to get back at him as she was the one who used to share the rack with him, Upen goes and shouts at Sonali.

He asks Sonali to stay away from him and his stuff and Sonali, who is stunned by this, is clueless about why Upen is shouting.

She just yells back saying that she did not do anything. However, Upen, who is in no mood to clear the misunderstanding, asks Sonali to go away.