5 ways to calm down your kids without using a screen

Children and tantrums are normal things. Screaming, crying, rolling on the floor can be difficult to handle for anyone, whether you are a new mom or an experienced one.

Most of us just hand over a gadget or put on a cartoon channel when we have to deal with such a situation, which is not a healthy practice. There are several studies that suggest that too much screen time can harm your little one’s eyes.

It is important to handle this situation tactfully and look for other alternatives to calm down your little one. Here are some easy ways to handle your kids without using a screen.

1. Calm down

The first thing should be to calm down. The more you will respond to their action, the more aggressive they will become. If you will stop responding and let them carry on, they might calm down for a while and start listening to you.

2. Play game with them

Playing a game with your kids can be the best way to deal with their tantrums. Kids will not say no to the game, especially if you offer to play with them. From board games to moulding clays, involving them in different activities will make them creative and will keep them busy.

3. Ask for option

Listen to them carefully and ask them for two alternatives that could help them at the moment. These have to be things other than what you said no to. If they suggest something that is acceptable to you then praise them.

4. Sing something

Some kids respond well to music. It really helps them calm down. Play their favorite song, even when they are throwing a tantrum. You will notice that they will calm down after a while and forget about the thing they were crying about.

5. Hug them

Human touch has a calming effect on all, even on kids. Hugs and cuddles work well when feeling left out. That will help to pacify your kids and will reduce their emotional distress. It has proven helpful to the parents.