5 Things To Think Before Living In Relationship

Once you know you want to take your relationship forward, but not take the ultimate plunge, you consider Living In Relationship. It’s one of those exciting stages of life that you look forward to with rose-tinted glasses, and can easily miss a few things that need careful thought.

1. Flesh out your reasons

If you are considering living in, it’s best you know your reasons for doing so. It will provide certain stability of thought in confusing times and the reasons will guide you through periods of adjustment since they will allow you to look at the larger picture.

2. Discuss responsibilities and finances

This should be one of the major topics of discussion before making the decision. With our busy lives, we lead, we often are taken care of well at home, where everything is almost readily available. If partners come in with the notion that it is going to be the same, they are in for a rude shock.

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3. Consider finances

Living independently leads to several costs, some of which you don’t even consider when you live with your family. Ensure that you and your partner are crystal clear about your joint financial arrangement since there is very little room to ‘wing it’ in this situation. Whether it is EMI payments or household expenses, keep a firm grip on how to manage finances together.

4. Understand each other’s expectations

You have only seen one side of the coin yet, where you meet, have fun and go back home. It is a time where you love each other’s company, often tolerate each other’s quirks, and downright ignore some of the unhealthier habits. When living together, ensure you both are clear on what you expect the other to do.

5. Prepare for compromises

Despite everything that you think about, you also need to understand that you are going to live with a new person, someone who you care deeply about. A new person brings a new dynamic, and there will be a whole different level of compromises that you and your SO will need to make.

Think Before Living In Relationship

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